Transforming By-products into Value

Our mission is to empower businesses across Australia to implement eco-friendly practices that not only benefit the environment, but also unlock significant cost savings and operational efficiencies. 

Commercial wastewater treatment systems & service.

Our Services

Planning and Assessment

We strategically analyse your needs, identifying opportunities for recycling and repurposing by-products, such as wastewater, to maximise efficiency and sustainability. 


We tailor innovative approaches that optimise your processes, incorporating cutting-edge technologies for efficient treatment processes and the recovery of valuable resources. 

Feasibility and Economic Assessment

We evaluate the viability of resource recovery projects, considering cost-effectiveness, potential savings and long-term economic, environmental and social benefits. 

Operational Assistance

We provide expert guidance and support throughout the implementation and management of resource recovery systems, ensuring smooth operations and optimal performance. 

Government Consultancy

We partner with government entities to develop policies, regulations and guidelines that promote sustainable wastewater management and circular economy practices. 

Circular Economy and Decarbonisation

Driving sustainable innovation and reducing carbon emissions through the transformation of waste into valuable resources and renewable energy. 

Circular Economy

Discovering new value in by-products extends their lifecycle, embracing sustainability and fostering the essence of the circular economy.

About Us

Helping you recycle the planet's most valuable resources.

Tessele Consultants is a specialised engineering consultancy based in Perth, focusing on resource recovery and a circular economy. Our revolutionary approach transforms discarded materials into valuable resources.

Through our innovative evaluation, we offer tailored treatment processes for factories, breweries, production plants, and towns. This enables your company to convert wastewater into recycled water and organic by-products into energy and fertilisers. Our methods unlock economic, environmental, and social benefits by harnessing energy, reusing solids, and recycling water throughout all production and treatment operations.


Working with a variety of sectors

Industries across the board can benefit from our services as we transform under-utilised materials into valuable commodities and shift perceptions.

For example, by repurposing and recycling wastewater bio solids, gases and other components, we enable industrial sectors to adopt a more sustainable and resource-conscious approach. Let us transform your operations and join us in recycling the planet’s most valuable resources.

Agrifood Industry

Food & Beverage

Grain Industry

Red Meat Industry

Local, State & Federal Governments

Water Utilities




Creating Value through Resource Transformation in the Red Meat Processing Industry

The Problem

A red meat processing facility faced challenges in managing by-products, including wastewater and organic solids from the content of cattle during processing. They sought a solution to address these issues and unlock hidden potential within their operations.

Our Solution

Tessele Consultants provided an extensive circular economy strategy, including water recycling, energy generation from organic solid by-products and production of valuable fertilisers. Through calculated economic models and potential external investments, we enabled the facility to effectively manage their underutilised by-products. Our solutions also create other profit centres too.

Check out our interactive Bio Resource Planner to evaluate your operations


Driving sustainable transformations in the industry​

Our talented team consists of experienced experts in water, wastewater and renewable energies. With diverse backgrounds and deep knowledge, we deliver innovative solutions tailored to our clients’ needs, driving sustainable transformations in the industry.

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Some of our valued clients

Technical Publications​

Water e-Journal (Journal)
Published 2020

Minerals Engineering (Journal)
Published 1997


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Efficient production plant wastewater treatment service for environmental protection.
Dr Fabiana Tessele

As the company director, Fabiana Tessele brings over two decades of experience in water and wastewater treatment projects across multiple countries. Committed to water security and environmental protection, she advocates for a diverse, inclusive and well-planned approach to ensure safe water for all.

With a Doctorate in Engineering specialising in resource recovery from wastewater and fluency in three languages, Fabiana has held leadership positions in contractors, environmental services companies and multinational engineering consultancy firms.

Her ability to rapidly build strong rapport with stakeholders is enhanced by her diverse background and familiarity with multicultural environments. Fabiana’s effective communication, holistic approach and open collaborative leadership style position her as a valuable asset in the fast-paced market.

Since 2012, she has made Western Australia her home, previously serving as a Director in a multinational consultancy firm and now operating her own consultancy business.

Active in the water industry, Fabiana contributes as a Peer Reviewer for the Australian Water Association and as a judge on the AWA Awards panel. She also served as a Board Member of the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board at AECOM Australia.

Emanuel Bertizzolo

A dedicated scientist specialising in sustainable materials and circular economy strategies for wastewater and solid waste management. Committed to driving positive change through collaboration and research. Focused on innovative solutions derived from waste materials. A valuable asset in mitigating environmental impact and advancing sustainability. 

Kendall Ferraro

A dynamic chemical/process engineer with expertise in circular economy and resource recovery. Proven ability in operations, troubleshooting and project engineering. Driven by making a significant impact across industries. Known for adaptability, strong work ethic and passion for sustainability. Committed to delivering positive change. 

Leticia Marinho

A chemical engineer experienced in process engineering, projects and sales engineering. Proficient in engineering design, technical and commercial offers and multidisciplinary collaboration. Proactive and analytical with exceptional problem-solving skills. Dedicated to continuous learning and delivering sustainable and efficient solutions. 

Lucas Moreno

Hello! I’m Lucas, a Process Engineer deeply committed to sustainability, renewable energy, and leveraging technology for better solutions. I’m genuinely passionate about developing innovative approaches to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote environmentally friendly practices. In my role, I focus on sustainable solutions that enhance process efficiency, minimize environmental impacts, and ensure long-term operational efficiency. My professional journey, stretching from Brazil to Australia, has enriched me with a diverse skill set and a broad perspective on engineering technologies and collaborative approaches. I’m continuously driven to explore and implement impactful solutions in the field of process engineering.

Sue Crisp

A professional Office Manager with over 30 years of experience in small business Administration and Management underpinning a diverse skill set including Admin, HR, Bookkeeping, an eye for detail and a passion for problem solving.

Dedicated to enabling colleagues and clients to achieve their goals by providing administrative support with courtesy, confidentiality and efficiency.

Jessica Hales

A motivated graduate chemical engineer with a broad foundation in engineering principles, including process engineering, projects, and engineering design.  Passionate about innovative solutions to ensure sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. Committed to working collaboratively to tackle challenges of any size.